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How to Do SEO for Now and Forever

How to Do SEO for Now and Forever
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Sept 30,  ISSUE #1908

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How to Do SEO
for Now and Forever

By Jill Whalen (c) 2013

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I see so many alleged 'SEO tactics that just waste time and money without having any positive affect on the website. In many cases, things done in the name of SEO actually hurt websites more than help them. Which is why I write a whole lot about what not to do in SEO.

While it's easy to say what SEO isn't, it's a lot harder to pin down exactly what SEO is these days. On the other hand, SEO is still the same thing I said it was when I first started writing about it over a decade ago - that is, making your website the best it can be both for people and search engines.

How to Use Landing Pages for Business

Still, that broad definition probably doesn't mean much to many of you. You're likely left wondering how exactly you should go about making your site the best it can be. So today I'll explain how you can do just that.

Time or Money
First - when you're talking about having the best anything, there's no quick fix. Whether you want the best website or the best bódy, it's going to take a huge investment on your part. That means you're going to have to spend lots of money or lots of time (or in many cases both) to make it happen. Just as your big fat belly isn't going to disappear overnight, great websites aren't slapped together in a day. You will need some major resources at your disposal if you truly want your website to appeal to both people and search engines. This means either hiring smart people to work diligently on your website and its marketing, or spending most of your time doing it yourself. Your best bet probably a combination of both.

Understand Your Target Audience
To get started having the best website ever, you have to truly understand your target audience. You need to know who they are and what they would be searching for at Google...

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Android Apps for Business You Don't Want to Miss

By Justin Kemp (c) 2013

As soon as Android devices began chipping away at the Apple Smartphone stronghold, I was one of many who snapped up the chance to test out Android's offerings that, on paper, surpassed that of Apple's. Several years later, I am still using an Android device and have been more than happy, not just with its growth and enhancements over the years but also with the proliferation of apps within the market. Business tools are a dime a dozen. To help you get started, I've compiled this arrangement of apps that truly help you do business anytime and anywhere. Beware though, as once you go through them all, you may not feel the need to set foot at the office…

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Choosing The Best Tool For The Job: A Website Analogy

By Vince Ginsburg (c) 2013

You wouldn't use a hammer to tighten a nut, would you? Likewise, you wouldn't use a flashlight to cook food, right? There exists the right tool for the right task, and in order to get maximum effectiveness out of a tool, you need to know how to properly use it. After all, blindly using power tools can be costly. The same goes with websites. Choosing The Right Tool Why are hardware stores so expansive? There aren't just screwdrivers; there are many different types of screwdrivers for all sorts of different sizes, lengths, and heads. There are also many different brands of screwdrivers; some more reputable than others. Many screwdrivers come as sets, with interchangeable…

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Make Billing Painless in 2013 with FreshBooks

eBay Buying Braintree for $800M

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

eBay is shelling out $800 million in cold, hard cash to acquire online payment firm Braintree. Braintree will operate as a separate service within eBay-owned PayPal to help the company achieve its goal of making mobile transactions "safer and easier." "In a very short time, Braintree has built impressive mobile payment solutions that handle transactions in 130 currencies in more than 40 countries," PayPal president David Marcus said in a blog post. "As a separate service offered by PayPal, Braintree will be able to scale its platform at a rate that is just not possible for a start-up." Both PayPal and Braintree will benefit from the partnership. PayPal gains a set of notable clients from Braintree, which was founded in 2007. It is currently the payment platform of choice for Airbnb…

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Google Flying High With Major Algorithm Update: Hummingbird

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

To celebrate its 15 years in business, Google has launched Hummingbird, the first major update of its search algorithm since 2010. Hummingbird, which affects about 90 percent of queries, allows for more complex searches and even enables users to compare two items -such as rival products - side by side. The need for Hummingbird was clear, said Google's senior vice-president of search Amit Singhal. As search queries become more complex, he said, customary keyword-based systems no longer work so well because of the need to match concepts and meanings with words. The improvements to the algorithm include a refresher for Knowledge Graph - Google's map of real…

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Forget Google AdWords - Try Flat Fee ExactSeek Featured Listings

Judge Denies Google's Lawsuit Dismissal Request

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

A U.S. federal judge has vetoed Google's request to dismiss a lawsuit seeking the ban of automated scanning of Gmail messages. Judge Lucy Koh gave the go-ahead Thursday to the class action complaint accusing Google of breaching the Federal Wiretap Act by scanning e-mail messages without the sender's or the recipient's consent. "The court finds that it cannot conclude that any party - Gmail users or non-Gmail users - has consented to Google's reading of e-mail for the purposes of creating user profiles or providing targeted advertising," Koh wrote in her ruling. Koh said "a reasonable Gmail user who read the Privacy Policies would not have necessarily…

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BlackBerry Reports $965M 2Q Loss

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

BlackBerry is seeing a whole lot of red today - $965 million or $1.84 a share to be exact. The amount seems astronomical compared to last year's loss of $235 million, or 45 cents a share. The struggling Canadian Smartphone maker's second quarter report, released early this morning, was just as dismal as the company warned it would be with revenue falling 45 percent to $1.57 billion, from $2.86 billion a year ago. One of the main reasons for the company's substantial loss is the $934 million write-down in inventory of the BlackBerry Z10, the firm's touchscreen device launched at the beginning of the year that BlackBerry hoped would propel the company into the third-place position in the Smartphone market behind powerhouses Samsung and Apple. Despite…

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