Kamis, 24 Juli 2014

[Fresh Factor Series #2]: The 4 steps to profitable daily content

In my email yesterday we talked about the Google Freshness Factor.

In particular, this one rule of thumb has always paid off tremendously in my SEO:

"You should be adding at least one new page per day on a highly relevant topic to your site." - Jerry West, Google Best Practices Guide. (not an aff link)

And even though that doesn't sound very easy, it IS actually pretty simple. This short email contains the content guide you've been missing.

Here's a winning strategy that'll engage readers, win subscribers and make Google totally thrilled too.

The best part? There's only 4 easy steps :)

1) Define your niche, and go a step beyond

Say you're making a website for a Cleveland Chiropractor. You may only be trying to rank for a few standard keywords, simple stuff like "cleveland chiropractor", "cleveland chiropractic", "chiropractor in cleveland" … not very original, not very exciting, not very broad in nature.

"What the heck could I write about that topic every single day!?"

Well, actually, quite a lot. 

First things first, you should locate the root cause of why most people search for your business. Even though most leads might come from those 3 big keywords, the customers are actually interested mostly in the "back pain" niche.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

That's what I mean by "going a step beyond." Focus on the pain point your customers are experiencing, and the information they'd really appreciate. Not just the plain vanilla keywords you want to rank for.

By the way, back pain happens to be one of the absolute biggest niches online, with infinite topics to write about!

2) Build a big 'ole keyword list!

If you followed step 1 correctly, this part is a breeze.

I recommend right now that you google the phrase "back pain" and we can get started scanning through the giant world of ideas there (147 Million results just showed up.)

From there, all the related searches (lower back pain, chronic back pain, back pain causes, back pain exercises …) are each candidates to become huge categories on your blog.

Then there's Google Keyword Planner, industry journals, competing websites that already have tons and tons of topics for you to borrow from, and Link Emperor's keyword tool is ridiculously useful too :)

Now, you might be saying that you'll never rank for those giant keywords, and that they're way too broad for your local chiropractor to benefit from anyway, so what's the point?

The point is this: By incorporating all of these related keywords into the content on your website, Google will start to develop a stronger and stronger sense of theme in your website. 

The stronger the theme and the fresher the content, the more Google will love your website. You'll blow away the competition, which is mostly just local chiropractor websites with a couple pages of thin content and nothing more. They won't stand a chance in Google's eyes.

(Not to mention, your on-site conversions will skyrocket when potential customers see how helpful and professional your website is.)

However, we won't just be creating useless keyword-stuffed content. The key is to make it useful and interesting. 

We haven't even scratched the surface yet for potential topics, because the best strategy of all is to...

3) Use The News

On any given day all year round, you can search news.google.com for "back pain" or "chiropractor" or any of the other related keywords we found in step #2.

Journalists are the most creative content writers in existence. They have to come up with hundreds of topics every week just to fill up a newspaper / magazine.

So borrow their ideas!

Go on and do it! Search news.google.com and tell me you can't instantly find a month's worth of stories.

And once you've done that…

*Do you still feel like an article a day would be tough to come up with?*

Well, it certainly would be if you were writing them all yourself. However, THANKFULLY you're not...

Because you were smart enough to...

4) Take Advantage of TestedContent.com

It's never been easier to hand all this extra work over to somebody else (and trust that it'll be done properly the first time by our professional staff).

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...and you won't believe the boost Google will give you in the SERPs due to the Freshness factor we talked about yesterday.

The best part is that the content is all professionally written. Our in-house editors are sitting in the office next to mine right now, perfecting articles to make sure they're approved for publication.

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To your success,


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