Minggu, 29 September 2013

Forget Google AdWords: Pay $3-$5/Mo Not $3-$5/Click

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Reach Your Audience - Top 10 Ad Exposure On
90+ Search Engines, Directories & 2 PPC Networks

Dear Business Owner,

Whether or not you are successfully leveraging Google traffic, our program can help drive additional visitors to your site. Our flat fee system is uniquely different and puts your ad on 90+ search engines and web directories as well as 2 major PPC Networks for just $3 to $5 / month.

No Bidding - No PPC - No Hassle - No SEO

To find out more, visit our order page or watch our video introduction.

We've provided budget-minded business owners with an inexpensive ad delivery system for 8 years. Some of our advertisers have been with us that entire time.

It doesn't matter whether you receive 10 clicks or 1,000 clicks, you still pay the same flat-fee rate of $3 - $5 per month.

As a further incentive to try our program, we'll throw in 6 free bonus ebooks (on SEO, Social Media & Traffic Building) valued at $100 with your purchase.

Visit ExactSeek today to place your order.

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