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Proven Abandoned Cart Strategies You Can Implement Before the Holidays

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Solve Your Abandoned Cart Problem. Read the white paper

Bronto Software

From Abandon to Conversion

Download the white paperAll online retailers experience shopping cart abandonment. In fact, with rates averaging between 60-70%, marketers know that the majority of shoppers who start the checkout process will leave before completing it.

Those departing shoppers represent a significant amount of revenue. To recapture as much of that revenue as possible, you need to be aware of reasons for abandonment and the top strategies for bringing those shoppers back.

For this white paper, we examined the carting experience and follow-up email strategies of 100 retailers. In it, you'll discover:

  • Top reasons shoppers abandon online purchases
  • Analysis of key variables from a study of 100 shopping carts
  • Post-abandonment email campaign strategies

Download the white paper "From Abandon to Conversion: Why Shoppers Abandon Carts and What Merchants Can Do About It."

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