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A Step-By-Step Website SEO Audit Guide

A Step-By-Step Website SEO Audit Guide
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Aug 14,  ISSUE #1888

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A Step-By-Step
Website SEO Audit Guide

A SPN Exclusive Article By Claire Jarrett (c) 2013

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At some point SEOs need to audit a site to find out what is going wrong and what needs to be fixed. There might be a number of things preventing a website from reaching its full potential but finding those problems can be difficult. The outline below will help educate you and show you what you should be looking at and how to fix it.

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If you are performing SEO on behalf of clients, especially new clients, you need to have their sites thoroughly examined for technical issues. Whether a site has crawling issues, indexing problems, or other issues that are inhibiting the site's ability to rank, this process will find it.

It should be used when new clients sign on but could also be used as a sales tool. Free site audits can be compelling for showing your leads what is wrong with their sites, and shows them the route you would take to deal with those issues.

Most websites that you come across are going to have something wrong with them. Having a process in place to efficiently identify these issues is essential to maintaining site health and rankings.

Let's get started.

Screaming Frog Spider
Your first task is to use a tool called Screaming Frog. It is a free application that can...

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Five Things That Can Ruin Your Rankings and What You Can Do About It

By Olivia Rose (c) 2013

If your site isn't getting traffic you not only lose out on potential customers, you will fall behind your competitors and risk having Google downgrade your rating. And, if you continue to make the same mistakes with your site, your SEO rankings will suffer. Fortunately, this is easy to fix - but only if you know what to look for. Being aware of the following five frequent missteps will help keep you on the right path. Poor Content After Google's Panda updates, Web content as we know it was shaken up. While content farms used to reach a higher ranking than businesses like yours, their style of keyword-stuffed writing no longer ranks well in the search engines. The trick is for you to make…

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Man Who Lied to Congress to Lead Review of Government Surveillance Programs

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

U.S. President Barack Obama has chosen director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper to head an independent consortium of experts to review the government's surveillance programs. The appointment of Clapper - who has become famous for his "No, sir" response to Sen. Ron Wyden's (D-Ore.) 2011 question about if the National Security Agency (NSA) collects information on U.S. citizens - has many skeptical about how effective the review will be. Now that the extent of the NSA surveillance has come to light courtesy of whistleblower Edward Snowden, Clapper has said he simply misunderstood the senator's question…

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QRCodes-Index - Create & Share Your QR Codes

Secret Service Releases First 104 Pages of Swartz File

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

The U.S. Secret Service has finally released 104 pages of agency documents about Aaron Swartz, the Infogami founder and Internet genius who committed suicide in January while under federal prosecution. The documents show both the charges against Swartz and the evidence seized during the execution of a search warrant on his apartment in 2011. Wired obtained the heavily redacted documents through a Freedom of Information Act request. "Swartz was home at the time the search was executed," one of the documents reads. "While the search was conducted, Swartz made statements to the effect of, what took you so long, and why didn't you do this earlier?" The documents also reveal the authorities were interested…

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Repair Your Online Reputation

By Andrea Eldridge (c) 2013

When you enter your name into Google (or the search engine of your choice), are the results flattering, or at least accurate? Even if you aren't keeping tabs on your online reputation, others may be. From potential employers to prospective love interests, information linked to you on the Internet can affect your livelihood, your love life; even create a first impression for new people you meet. Take control of your online reputation with a few simple steps to ensure that when someone searches you out online the results are favorable. According to a 'research report commissioned by Microsoft in 2009' (.doc download), about 70 percent of U.S. recruiters and HR professionals interviewed indicated they have rejected a candidate based on information they found online. Recruiters indicated that concerns about the candidate's lifestyle…

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Android Flaw Leaves Bitcoin Wallet Apps Vulnerable

By SPN Staff Writers (c) 2013

A flaw in a component of the Android operating system that generates random numbers has left all Android wallets created to date open to theft, according to a Bitcoin Foundation announcement. "Because the problem lies with Android itself, this problem will affect you if you have a wallet generated by any Android app," the foundation says in a blog post. Some of the apps impacted by the vulnerability are Bitcoin Wallet, blockchain.info, BitcoinSpinner and Mycelium Wallet. Apps in which the user does not control the private keys - such as Coinbase or Mt Gox - are not affected. The Bitcoin Foundation…

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Facebook App Updates Include Restaurant Reservations, TV Listings

By SPN Staff Writers (c) 2013

Facebook is upgrading its apps to allow members to book tables at restaurants or find a great show on TV. Using their iOS or Android mobile devices, members of the social network can now reserve a table through Facebook Pages for restaurants via OpenTable. "The update represents a new way of discovering and booking great dining experiences, all within the Facebook mobile app," reads a Facebook blog post. "There's no need to visit a separate mobile site or open a separate app." Users can choose from the more than 20,000 restaurants across North America that are part of online reservation…

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