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Hacking your Twitter Account to Go Viral

Hacking your Twitter Account to Go Viral
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Aug 16,  ISSUE #1889

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Hacking your Twitter
Account to Go Viral

A SPN Exclusive Article by Adrienne Erin (c) 2013

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Promotional Twitter "hacks" have been in the news a lot recently. What began as brands truly getting hacked by strangers turned into a frenzy of companies trying to imitate the same thing. Why?

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Because it enhances their social presence, gives them attention and can even help their promotions! All businesses want to imporve the number of followers they gain in a day, and the possibility of your tweets going viral is tempting for anyone.

But aren't traditional marketing tactics safer than a risky fake "hack" that could potentially damage your reputation and credibility? Chipotle, MTV, Jeep and Burger King are a few of the companies that have been hacked - either by themselves or by someone else - in the last year.

Learn from their mistakes and successes to see if Twitter "hacks" can really be promotional for your business!

"Hacks" That Can Benefit Your Promotions
Chipotle is a company that was open about the fact that they faked their own hack in July 2013. After posting a bunch of bizarre tweets, such as "twitter friends search bar", "twitter Find avocado store in Arv" and "Hi sweetie, can you please pick up some lime, salt, and onions? Twitter", let's examine how Chipotle thought their "hack" through:

• They weren't controversial. A Chipotle representative named Chris Arnold told Mashable "it was definitely thought out: we didn't want it to be harmful or hateful or controversial." While the tweets were bizarre, no one was offended or upset.

• The tweets coincided with their 20th anniversary event. Since their most recent event involved putting clues in various places, they figured adding complex clues to their social media presence would aid the event. People might rest easier knowing the "hack" was part of an overall promotional effort to engage with customers.

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10 Clear Ways to Help People Find Your Site

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Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process in which you rearrange your site to get a higher ranking in the search engines, thus making it possible for more people to find your site. There are many things you can do to optimize your site for more exposure in the search engines. There are also many things you should not do because you and your site could be penalized. Accurate and efficient SEO is critical to your site as most sites are found via search engines. Search engines have evolved and are now much more selective in what they look for in a site. Your SEO must adapt to this evolution to keep up your rankings. While SEO methods can get…

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IBM to Acquire Financial Fraud Specialist Trusteer for as Much as $1B

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

IBM has snapped up Israeli financial fraud specialist Trusteer for the hefty sum of between $800 million and $1 billion in a bid to bolster its cloud software and services business, Israel Hayom is reporting. IBM announced what it is describing as "a definitive agreement" to acquire Trusteer and, although the American company did not release the terms of the deal, the rumored $1 billion purchase figure is not far fetched given that Trusteer rakes in an annual income of $100 million. IBM said in an official statement it plans to set up a cyber-security software lab in Israel that will "bring together more than 200 Trusteer and IBM researchers and developers to focus on mobile…

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Brazil Sues Samsung for $108M, Alleges Labor Violations

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

Samsung has been hit with a $108-million lawsuit, courtesy of the Brazilian government, alleging the labor practices at the South Korean firm's Zona Franca de Manaus factory leave a lot to be desired. Brazil is accusing the company of providing poor working conditions and overworking the manufacturing plant's assembly line employees. The lawsuit is the result of an investigation conducted by the Ministry of Labor after receiving complaints about how employees are treated at the plant. According to a report by news agency ReporterBrasil, employees of the plant - the main supplier of Samsung products to Latin America - were forced to stand for their entire 10- to 15-hour shifts without receiving a break. Some employees even…

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Google Gets Personal With Search Results

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

Google Search is about to become the personal assistant you've always wanted but couldn't afford. Google will soon be able to answer questions about your life simply by accessing data in your Gmail account, Google+ account or Google Calendar. "Ever had trouble checking your flight's status on the go because it meant digging through your e-mail for the flight number?" asked product manager Roy Livne in a blog post. "Or wanted to just quickly see whether your package would arrive on time, without having to look up the tracking info first? You've told us it would be much easier if you could skip the fuss and just ask Google." Now you can simply ask or type, "What's my flight status?" or "When will my package arrive?" and Google will have the answer. The new service, which will be rolling out soon to all U.S., English-speaking users on desktop, tablet…

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Google+ Android Update Dumps Messenger for Hangouts

By SPN Staff Writers (c) 2013

Google+ for Android has been given a mini-makeover with the addition of five "highly-requested improvements," the company has announced. The biggest change is the removal of Messenger from all Google+ mobile app. "Now that Hangouts provides messaging and video calls across Android, iOS and the Web, we're removing Messenger from the Google+ mobile apps (first on Android, then on iOS)," said Google software developer Virgil Dobjanschi in a Google+ post. Users will have the option of downloading their Messenger conversations and photos from Google Takeout. The 4.1 version of the app enables a user to…

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Apple Buys Matcha.tv, Fueling iTV Rumors

By SPN Staff Writers (c) 2013

The Apple rumor mill is grinding again with the Cupertino company's million-dollar purchase of iOS TV and video app Matcha.tv. Matcha.tv, a service that shut down in May, amassed video content listings from providers such as Comcast, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and iTunes. Users of the app were also able to receive video recommendations, manage their viewing from a universal line up and link to social networks to share viewing and see what their friends watch - a service that would no doubt complement Apple's rumored iTV. While the company has yet to confirm it is working on any such product, CEO Tim Cook's comments during a December 2012 interview with NBC hinted that an iTV will make an appearance in…

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