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1,000 Online Shoppers Surveyed About Cart Abandonment. Read the Results.

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  Bronto and Magento  
  Understand why shoppers abandon online carts. Read the research.  

Abandoned Cart Emails:
Unexpected or Unwelcomed?

Why We Don't Buy: Consumer Attitudes on Shopping Cart AbandonmentWhat percentage of shoppers who cart items in your e-commerce store do not complete a purchase? 50? 60? 70?! Whatever it is, it is surely a top concern.

You are not alone. Most online retailers experience a high rate of cart abandonment and are searching for effective strategies to bring those shoppers back without annoying them.

For this paper, sponsored by Magento and Bronto Software, over 1,000 online shoppers were surveyed about their awareness of shopping cart technology, expectations for marketing when they abandon a cart, and more.

This report:

  • Explains why consumers are abandoning more frequently and how this could be an opportunity for marketers
  • Analyzes what the consumers want to happen when they abandon a cart and what will annoy them
  • Examines key components of the shopping cart and email strategies

Understand the shoppers' point-of-view. Download Why We Don't Buy: Consumer Attitudes on Shopping Cart Abandonment.

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