Kamis, 24 Oktober 2013

Who's Hogging All Your Bandwidth?

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GFI LanGuard
Maintaining control of bandwidth usage within any company is tough. It’s a job made even harder by the sheer number of websites, apps and digital media that severely monopolise your network. Malware is pervasive, and presents serious security challenges, particularly for companies with limited budgets. Fortunately, GFI has a solution.

GFI WebMonitor® helps you to:
• Automatically scan and block dangerous files and malicious content with multiple security engines
• Monitor and control bandwidth in real time
• Protect against unknown and suspicious sites using WebGrade Web Reputation Index
• Block media streaming and applications
• Use interactive dashboards and receive customizable reports on Internet use
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Quickly identify bandwidth issues stemming from excess usage by users, websites or categories of websites. This allows you to apply appropriate policies that help mitigate these issues. This can be achieved by creating wide-ranging policies that include blocking large file downloads by a particular user and setting a download limit per day.

That’s not all. GFI Webmonitor also helps you prevent security challenges created by web browsing and ensures that any files downloaded, or websites visited, do not expose the company to malicious content.

Take full control of your bandwidth and protect your network from malware free for 30 days with GFI WebMonitor!

FREE 30-day Trial
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