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New Manual Action Section in Google Webmaster Tools

New Manual Action Section in Google Webmaster Tools
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Aug 23,  ISSUE #1892

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New Manual Action Section
in Google Webmaster Tools

By James Harrison (c) 2013

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On Aug. 8, Google released a new webmaster tools feature that's bound to clear up a lot of questions some of us SEO's were having regarding our penalties. If you ever wondered if your website was manually penalized, you can now find out just by navigating to the manual action section in GWT.

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So right way, we went into our GWT accounts looking for examples of this new feature. If you waited until late in the day August 9th or for the weekend, you may have not been able to see anything. That was because on Aug. 9 Google updated its release page with the following;

"Unfortunately we've hit a snag during our feature deployment, so it will be another couple days before the feature is available to all. We will post another update once the feature is fully rolled out."

But as of 10:30 PT Aug. 12, Google re-announced the feature and said;

"The feature is now fully rolled out."

So what is this new feature Google was so excited to release, but also so important they had to make sure it was deployed with such perfection?

To use this tool, sign into your Google Webmaster Tools account, go to the website you would like to check, select on 'Site Traffic,' then 'Manual Actions.' There you will either see nothing (meaning your website wasn't manually penalized), or you will see a message telling you why your website was manually penalized.

The purpose of this feature was to make many webmasters lives easier when it came to wondering if your website was manually penalized or not, and if it was, to help streamline your process and walk you through recovery. Pretty awesome, right?

.... Continue Reading at SiteProNews

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Video SEO: Getting Your Video Ranked on Page 1 of Google

By Matt Davidson (c) 2013

So, you have finally figured out how big a boost video marketing can be to your overall Internet marketing efforts. Let's face it; people would rather watch videos nowadays than read an article. And a lot of businesses are now leveraging that trend by posting tons of video content on their YouTube channel designed to create brand awareness, introduce and sell new products and services, promote upcoming events and generate new business. Now, posting great video content on YouTube is one thing, making it easy for your target audience to find the video is another. Yes, posting a video on YouTube will generate traffic organically from YouTube searches and possibly…

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Measuring Success of Content Marketing

By Peter Zmijewski (c) 2013

Nine out of 10 business-to-business marketers are making use of content marketing to grow businesses, according to a recent report. Ninety percent is an immense number to prove that content marketing is, without a doubt, the most significant marketing strategy of the future. However, just as with any other marketing technique, many individuals state they have a content marketing strategy, but have a difficult time defining the term in-depth. One definition found on the Web states: "Content marketing would be a marketing technique of making and distributing valuable and relevant content to get and engage a clearly defined plus understood target audience-with an objective of driving profitable customer action." If you were to ask how these marketers how they measure the success…

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Strategic Advertising Solutions for Your Products/Services!

Stop Wasting Time and Money With Your Article Marketing

By Bill Platt (c) 2013

Online marketers are always arguing for or against the value of article marketing. Many will argue that article marketing could provide real traffic and sales to one's website and, furthermore, article submission has the potential to give some serious SEO value to marketers' websites. Many more will tell you that article marketing is an utter waste of time and money... The difference between those who do well with article marketing and those who do not is usually a matter of education, or lack thereof. Those who succeed with article marketing generally know a few things that others don't and, just as importantly, these people understand the…

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Box Cloud Storage Targeting Smaller Businesses With New Plan

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

Cloud storage service Box is doubling its no-cost personal plan from 5GB to 10GB of storage and has launched a new service plan to accommodate small- and medium-size businesses, the company announced Wednesday. "We're unveiling an all-new Starter edition to make it incredibly easy and affordable for small businesses and teams to move onto Box, at just $5/user/month," reads a blog post by CEO Aaron Levie. "This is an exciting and long-contemplated move, and the biggest change we've made to our offerings since 2010." The Starter plan, which is for teams of up to 10 users, offers 100GB of pooled storage and a 2GB file size limit "to make it easy for SMBs…

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Forget Google AdWords - Try Flat Fee ExactSeek Featured Listings

Google Helpouts, an Expert Advice Video Service, in the Works

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

Google has an elite video chat-and-answer service, dubbed Helpouts, in the works that will make use of professionals in their fields of expertise. The site will enable businesses or individuals to give advice via video to users of the service. Google has sent out invitations to a number of experts, but is offering others a chance to become an expert too by signing up and filling out a form on the site. "Ever wanted to share cooking recipes, speak a new language, or provide health tips? Helpouts allows you to share your passion, expertise, and more through live video, right from your computer or mobile device," reads the website. "If you're a professional or an expert in a particular area, share your knowledge with people…

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Students Getting Scroogled by Google, Microsoft Says

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

Microsoft is accusing Google of distracting students from their studies by inundating them with advertising. The software giant - which debuted the fifth leg of its contemptuous anti-Google campaign, Scroogled, in conjunction with the official launch of Bing for Schools Wednesday - says Google should give the option of no-ads search to schools. "When students use Google for searches in school, they are shown ads that can distract from their studies," Microsoft argued on the Scroogled website. "Bing for Schools removes all ads from searches on the school's network, adds strict filters to help prevent mature content, and enhances privacy protections." Microsoft has been running Scroogled attack ads…

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