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Google Launches New Gmail Tabs - The Fallout Report

Google Launches New Gmail Tabs - The Fallout Report
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Aug 12,  ISSUE #1887

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Google Launches New Gmail
Tabs - The Fallout Report

A SPN Exclusive Article By Tina Courtney-Brown (c) 2013

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A couple of months ago, Gmail launched a brand new tabbing system for inboxes, sending users and marketers into a veritable frenzy. The new tabs aim to organize your inbox into three core sections: Inbox, Social, and Promotions.

Your default inbox will mostly contain personal or business-related emails that are likely from people you know directly.

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Social contains blasts from social networks, like LinkedIn connection requests and Facebook mentions, as well as news from any social tools you subscribe to. Promotions is pretty self-explanatory - this ought to contain consumer-focused newsletters, discounts, and related marketing materials.

It's obvious why marketers would specifically be worried - will their meticulously crafted newsletters be sent into utter obscurity, now that users must select one more section to read them?

The answer is simple: there's nothing to panic about. If you already create quality content that your audience wants to read, they will still get your blasts. If you've been sending meaningless drivel, however, you'll still be ignored or marked as spam.

See? The sky isn't falling. Here's proof.

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Persuading Your Site Visitors Takes Some Detective Work

By Karon Thackston (c) 2013

While watching the TV show NCIS the other day, one scene in particular caught my attention. In this police drama, the agents were trying to figure out where their suspect would have gone after escaping custody. "If we're going to catch this guy, we've got to know who we're dealing with. Has anybody built a profile yet"? (Heads were shaking no.). The same applies to writing copy. To persuade your site visitors into taking the action you want them to take, you have to know who you're communicating with. Simply putting fingers to keyboard and writing what you want them to read doesn't work nine times out of 10. Yet…

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Google Debuts New Guidelines to Boost Mobile Search

By SPN Staff Writers (c) 2013

Google has introduced new guidelines and an updated PageSpeed Insights tool in a bid to speed up the mobile Web. "Users tell us they use Smartphones to search online because it's quick and convenient, but today's average mobile page typically takes more than seven seconds to load," reads a Google blog post. "Wouldn't it be great if mobile pages loaded in under one second?" The changes, the post says, will help webmasters optimize their mobile pages for best rendering performance by prioritizing how content loads. To give a superior mobile search experience Google's new guidelines focus on rendering above-the-fold content to users in one second or less…

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Two Secure E-mail Service Providers Shutter Services to Avoid PRISM Connections

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

Lavabit, an encrypted e-mail service reportedly used by National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, and Silent Circle have both shut down their e-mail systems recently, saying they would rather close up shop than be forced to take part in PRISM, the NSA's wide-reaching surveillance program. Lavabit, which uses encryption to keep messages from being read by anyone except the sender and recipient, was approached in the past six weeks to become part of the NSA's massive surveillance efforts, although owner Ladar Levison said he has been legally prevented from speaking out. The following is a statement posted by Levison…

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KeyMe App Offers Users a Digital Keychain

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

A New York City start-up is offering a solution to lost and forgotten keys. Its new KeyMe app gives users a way to store, copy and share their keys straight from their Smartphones. KeyMe allows users to snap pictures of all their keys with their Smartphone creating a freeware 'digital keychain' that can be accessed from anywhere. "If you ever get locked out, any locksmith can make your key from scratch by following instructions we display on your phone," reads the company website. "No more paying $200-plus for a lockout." Users can order key copies via their Smartphones and then simply wait for their new keys to arrive in the mail. There is even a selection of designs for users to choose from.…

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BlackBerry First Smartphone Maker to Receive Pentagon Security Approval

By Jennifer Cowan (c) 2013

BlackBerry handsets may no longer be as popular as Apple's iPhones or Samsung's Galaxy devices but, when it comes to security, the Canadian Smartphone maker is still tops in the field. The company has been given an additional level of approval by the U.S. Defense Information System Agency (DISA) for its new BlackBerry 10 Smartphones. In fact, BlackBerry is the first Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider to obtain an authority to operate (ATO) on Pentagon networks. BlackBerry said being awarded the ATO is a "critical step forward in the security certification process" and proves its Q10 and Z10 devices meet…

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NSA Combing E-mails, Texts to and from the U.S.

By SPN Staff Writers (c) 2013

The National Security Agency (NSA) is trolling American's e-mail and text messages that are sent or obtained internationally in a bid to discover information about foreigners under surveillance, sources have told The New York Times. The NSA's data collection targets anyone who communicates with potential overseas targets and those who reference an individual of interest or something related to that individual, intelligence officials "with knowledge of the agency's work" told The Times. The report is a revelation because while the NSA has acknowledged spying on suspicious foreigners…

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